Process, Concept & Experimental Work

This is a collection of our work in progress, experimentations and working processes, to give an insight into our thinking and the development of ideas.

In many cases we like to begin working outside as it’s gives us scope to expand larger scale works without the confines of a fixed space.

Together we like to create a balance between work led by conceptual thinking, research, making and most importantly collaboration.

Large scale tests in Epping Forest

It is becoming increasingly important for us to consider the way each piece of work or installation is curated.

The layout or placement of objects is an essential part of our working practice in conjunction with the space and the over all experience or perception of the work.


Duality 2013

This installation was a play on ideas around weightlessness, transparency and light.


Two large fabric panels were designed to hang in the space, creating a soft fluidity to the overall work, creating a subtle motion through the centre of the two installed panels.



This installation comprised of two sections – one panel soft and other-worldly in the way it drapes and moves; the other partially coated to harden the surface slightly, giving it a more solid presence.

We were exploring ideas around the physical and non physical body or presence. As this was originally designed to be installed into a church.

The visual qualities of two panels were very similar.

Lucid Space 2012

Lucid Space was a project we were working on for the Chelsea Fringe in 2012-13

Exploring light shadow and transparency using fabric.

Perpendicular b&w test_1

These are key triggers for work that are still very much at the forefront of our practice and have fed into several projects since.